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Kamchatka eruptions (Shiveluch and Tolbachik)

Guaranteed dates in 2020:

18.08 - 25.08

Sights: Shiveluch Volcano with a canyon, Ostry and Plosky Tolbachik volcanoes with lava fields and the Northern Breakthrough, panorama of the Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes and the opportunity to go to the Valley of Geysers or for a boat trip.

Price: 69000 rubles.
The tour will be guaranteed organized in all announced dates and for fixed price.
It is possible to join only for a part of the tour with individually program.

Day 1. Meeting at the airport, transfer to Petropavlovsk (25 km)/ or to Paratunka (walking in the city / or swimming in pool with thermal water).
At 18.00 - moving to the settlement Milkovo (280 km, 3-4 hours). Accommodation in hotel «Geolog».

Day 2. Moving on Car to the beautiful volcanic massif formed by volcano Shiveluch (3307m) (350 km, 5 hours). Observing new lava cones, flows and caves. Overnight in tents.

Day 3. Excursion walk (6-7 hours) to an active "young" dome of the volcano. Movement on lava and slag fields (volcanic landscapes, congestions of volcanic bombs). In the evening return to a camp.

Day 4. Excursion walk (1 - 1.5 hours), to canyon "Wings of Gamol’s". After that, moving in the village of hunters, fishermen and loggers - Kozyrevsk (170 km, 3 hours).
Accomodation in a wooden house on a private tourist shelter. Classical Russian bath.

Day 5. Moving on Car to the Tolbachinsky Dol, to the foot of the beautiful volcanic massif formed by volcanoes Ostry and Plosky Tolbachik (90 km, 3 hours). Observing new(eruption of 2013) lava cones, flows and caves. Overnight in tents.

Day 6. On this day, we take a walk on the "Dead wood", the destruction of scoria and ash eruptions in 1975, climb the numerous caves. Visiting the North breakthrough (18 km) and to make a simple climb to the new Tolbachik cones, representing the volcanoes in miniature, their height of 100-200 meters. Roast hot dogs and buns in the cracks still hot lava.

Day 7. Returning to Petropanlovsk-Kamchatsky. Early vehicle transfer (580km, 8-9hr) to the hotel. Stop and lunch in Milkovo (you pay yourself), on the way.
Accommodation, rest.

Day 8. Visit the fish market and souvenir shops. Delivery to airport.

If you want to visit further and other tourist facilities in Kamchatka, you can come a little earlier or leave later.
The sequence of the tour passage can be changed.

The cost in combined group per person is 69000 rubles.
Extra payment for accommodation in a single room 7000 rubles.

Individual groups asign start date of the tour.
The cost for individual groups is:
for 16 people – 57000 rubles per person,
for 14 – 61000 rubles,
for 12 – 64000 rubles,
for 10 – 71000 rubles,
for 8 – 75000 rubles,
for 6 – 77000 rubles,
for 4 – 96000 rubles,
for 2 – 109000 rubles.

The helicopter excursion to Valley of Geysers and Uzon caldera is held under favorable weather conditions and paid separately. In the tour season of 2020 the cost(declared by helicopter company) is 45000 rubles (for Russian citizens); 48000 rubles (for foreign citizens).

Boat trip to Starichkov island - 5500 rubles per person.

  1. Included:
  2. Accommodation in the hotels, DBL, with breakfast.
  3. Accommodation in a house on the tour in the shelter of Kozyrev.
  4. 3 meals a day to the act of the tour.
  5. Transportation during the tour (bus, car ..).
  6. Base equipment: dishes, bivouacking furniture, mats).
  7. Permission to visit Klyuchevskoy Park.
  1. Not included:
  2. Lunch and dinner "in civilization" (200-300 rub. in the cafe), (300-600 rub. in restaurants)
  3. Additional tours.
  1. Recommended equipment:
  2. backpack or travel bag,
  3. Sleeping bag (hire 200r. Daily),
  4. hiking boots or other warm boots,
  5. removable shoes (sneakers),
  6. personal care items, hair accessories,
  7. warm jacket with a hood, or a puff,
  8. sweater ...... fliska,
  9. sunglasses,
  10. hat,
  11. headlamp,
  12. gloves,
  13. personal first aid kit.