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Volcanoes alive

Guaranteed dates for 2020:

04.07 – 11.07,

13.07 – 20.07,

22.07 – 29.07,

31.07 – 07.08,

09.08 – 16.08,

18.08 – 25.08,

27.08 – 03.09.

Sights: Koryaksky volcano and Avachinsky volcano with ground squirrels, Vilyuchinsky volcano pass, Gorely volcano, Mutnovsky volcano with fumaroles and mud pots, boat trip to Starichkov island (“Babushkin Kamen”, “Three brothers”, sea fishing) and opportunity to go to the Valley of Geysers.

Price: 68000 rubles.
The tour will be guaranteed organized in all announced dates and for fixed price.
It is possible to join only for a part of the tour with individually program.

Day 1. Arrival in Petropavlovsk, meeting at the airport by representative of the company with tablet "VISION OF KAMCHATKA". Transfer to hotel. Free time. Rest after flight, or walks around the city. At 20.00 a dinner with the guide, program discussion.

Day 2. Boat trip around Avacha Bay. Watching sea bird colonies of Babushkin Kamen Island, Three Brothers Rocks. Going out into the Pacific Ocean to Starichkov Island. Watching the sea birds colony (incl. the white-shouldered eagle) which is the biggest in Kamchatka. Sea fishing. Salmon lunch.
In the afternoon (after 16.00), joining of group and driving to Mutnovsky volcano by “off road” car (100km). Setting up the camp. Spending the night in tents.

Day 3. Early breakfast. Ascension in a crater of Mutnovsky Volcano. Survey of active crater, fumarols, mud geysers and boiling coppers. For many of our guests this natural object seemed the brightest on Kamchatka. (Duration and complexity of ascension depends on the period of carrying out and condition of road. So in July because of snow it is impossible to drive up close to the ascension beginning, it can take 10-11 hours. And in August, all foot part will take 4 – 6 hours. )
In the evening return to camp. Dinner and rest in a dining tent.

Day 4. Early breakfast. Ease ascension to Gorely Volcano across lava fields takes 4 – 5 hours. Survey of three craters with active fumarol, glacier and lake. Return in camp, dinner. Tents picking and moving to Paratunk's resort zone. Placement on recreation facility with the thermal pool. Rest, bathing, dinner.

Day 5. Optional. On this day it is possible to go on a helicopter excursion to Geyser Valley and Uzon Caldera. (or Bears of Kuril lake) In the evening driving to saddle between Koryaksky and Avachinsky volcano by “off road” car (45km). Accomodation at the tour basis « Three volcanoes». Accommodation for a night in houses, in rooms on 4 - 10 person.
The rest of the group has a small city tour with visiting the city center, fish market and observation places ( with self payment for lunch )

Day 6. Early breakfast. Ascension on the Avachinsky volcano. Extent of track is 12 km, gather height - 1700 meters. Middle time of ascension of 8-9 hours. In the evening return to camp. Dinner. (It is possible to order a bath for the evening).

Day 7. Excursion walk to the mountain "Camel" (2 km). Photography of mountain flowers and gophers. After dinner driving to Petropavlovsk. Accommodation in hotel, rest, walks around the city. Dinner.

Day 8. Visiting the fish market. Shopping. Souvenirs. Departure to the airport.

Change of sequence of passage of round is possible.

The cost in combined tour is 68000 rubles per person. Additional payment for single accommodation at hotels in the city and in the resort area is 13000 rubles. (!!! Not in the alpic camp between Koryaksky and Avachinsky volcanoes!).

Individual groups asign start date of the tour.
The cost for individual groups is:
for 16 people – 60500 rubles per person,
for 14 – 62000 rubles,
for 12 – 65000 rubles,
for 10 – 69000 rubles,
for 8 – 74000 rubles,
for 6 – 76000 rubles,
for 4 – 89000 rubles,
for 2 – 107000 rubles.

The helicopter excursion to Valley of Geysers and Uzon caldera is held under favorable weather conditions and paid separately. In the tour season of 2020 the cost(declared by helicopter company) is 45000 rubles (for Russian citizens); 48000 rubles (for foreign citizens).

The helicopter excursion to Kuril Lake is held under favorable weather conditions and paid separately. In the tour season of 2020 the cost(declared by helicopter company) is 45000 rubles (for Russian citizens); 48000 rubles (for foreign citizens).

  1. Included:
  2. 3 time a meal day during the whole tour.
  3. Guide services during the whole tour.
  4. Cook services during the whole tour.
  5. Base equipment (tents, rafts etc).
  6. Transport services (bus, “off-road” car, cutter).
  7. Residence at a hotel and at a resort.
  8. Visa support and registration.
  1. Not included:
  2. 1. Purchase of alcoholic drinks, beer, cigarettes.
  3. Purchase of souvenirs.
  4. Air tickets.
  5. Geyser Valley excursion.
  1. Recommended equipment:
  2. a rucksack or travel bag,
  3. a sleeping bag and a tourist rug,
  4. trekking boots or rubber boots,
  5. additional shoes to change,
  6. things for personal hygiene, bathing accessories,
  7. warm clothes (waterproof and windeblock jacket),
  8. sunglasses,
  9. a hat,
  10. small lamp,
  11. gloves,
  12. sticks for climbing,
  13. the first-aid set,
  14. anti-mosquito spray.