Vision of Kamchatka
17 years on the tourism market
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Tourism in Kamchatka

The tourist product offered by travel agencies of Kamchatka Krai is various: from stationary with informative excursion program up to hunting and salmon fishing, trekking/hiking tours, sea cruises on Avacha bay, extreme and eco tours with bathing in hot springs as a rule.

Kamchatka travel agencies make tours for various categories of tourists with different level of physical fitness, interests, with a glance of cognitive value of tours. The programs list contains the following types of eco, adventure and sports and other tours:

- trekking/hiking - visiting of unique natural and historical sights, picturesque landscapes, hot springs and places of volcanism activity; Kamchatka

- climbing on volcanoes, mountain tops, sport rafting on mountain and flat rivers;

- sports-hunting and salmon fishing;

- mountain-skiing tourism and descents from volcanoes with the use of helicopter (heli skiing), ski trekking, downhill skiing;

- nature, flora and fauna observing;

- flights to Komandorskiye and Kuril islands, flying around active volcanoes;

- Visiting summer residences, fish and crab processing enterprises, fish factories, farms, kindergartens, families of Kamchatka inhabitants.

Last years the tourism infrastructure of the area has received some development in the most picturesque places, such as the Valley of geysers, Nalychevo natural park, Kuril lake, Hodutka and Malki hot springs, on Zhupanova and Opala rivers.

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Elizovo, Paratunka zone there is a hotel network of different categories (3-2 stars), with the total capacity about 800 places. There is an advanced network of restaurants (15), bars, cafes, clubs, casinos, discos (about 30) and other objects. Small hotels for 10-15 places are built and equipped and continue to be under construction. The international sector is expanded and reconstruction of Elizovo air terminal started.

The main base for tourist stream increasing is transport availability to tourist zones and objects and comfortable means of accommodation. Existing hotel capacities in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Elizovo allow to accept for a short tourist season no more than 15 thousand tourists.

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