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The Land of active volcanoes

Viluchinsky volcano

Dates of tour in 2019:
08.07 - 18.07.
19.07 - 29.07.
30.07 - 09.08.
10.08 - 20.08.
21.08 - 31.08.
01.09 - 11.09.

The tour will be guaranteed organized in all announced dates.
It is possible to join only for a part of the tour with individually program. The group consists of 16 people.

   Very replete and informative tour of the most interesting areas of Kamchatka modern active volcanic.
  During the tour you will visit unique places of Kamchatka - active volcanoes Mutnovskiy and Gorely, which are some of the most beautiful volcanoes of Kamchatka.
  You will cross Kamchatka from the South to the North and moving from one climate zone to another, you will go to the central Kamchatka, to the location of the largest volcanoes in Eurasia. You will visit one of the most interesting places for tourists in Kamchatka - Kluchevskaya group of volcanoes, in which there is the highest and the famous volcano - Kluchevskoy (4,750 m). This is the area of the most intense volcanism in Russia.
  You can look and see the most interesting objects by the eruption of the volcano Tolbachinsky 2013 ("young" cone, vast lava fields, caves – “lavovody”, and much more). You will climb the volcanoes - the cone (299m and 278m) of Northern burst in 1975. You will walk through the "Dead Wood", which was destroyed during the eruption of the vast territory.
  And also, during the tour, you can swim in the natural hot springs and pools with thermal waters.

trip to Mutnovsky volcano Day 1. Meeting in the airport, moving to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (25 km). Accommodation in the hotel (DBL), rest, walking to the city. You will have the dinner with the guide at 20:00, discussion the program.

Day 2. Boat trip with fishing to the Avacha Bay (5-6 hours). Observing nesting places of sea birds, the island “Babushkin Kamen”, the rocks “Three brothers”. Moving to the Pacific ocean to the island “Starichkov”.

In the end moving to the volcano Mutnovsky on the vehicle (4WD) (100 km). Setting the camp. Night in tents.

Day 3. Ascent to the crater of the volcano Mutnovsky (2323 m). Observing active fumaroles, mud siphons, mountain lake. The Mutnovsky crater is the one of the most outstanding volcanic phenomenon in Kamchatka. The steep slopes surrounded the wide and deep cavity of the crater with gleaming glaciers, crushed cracks and lunges boiling fumaroles (ascent lasts for approximately 8 hours). Night in tents.

Day 4. Ascent to the volcano Gorely (1829 m), moving by lava flows and cinder fields, observing 3 craters with volcanic lakes (it lasts for approximately 6 hours). In the evening moving to the recreation center on the vehicle (4WD). Accommodation, rest, swimming in the pools with thermal water.

Day 5. Free day. Optional. On this day it is possible to go on a helicopter excursion to Geyser Valley and Uzon Caldera, Walking excursion round Geyser Valley. Lunch is at Geyser Valley.

In the evening moving to the area of settlement Malka (130 km) on the vehicle (4WD). Setting the camp. Swimming in the hot springs. Night in tents.

Day 6: Moving to the area of Kluchevskaya volcanoes group on the vehicle (460 km). Lunch in the settlement Milkovo (in cafe payment by tourists). Moving to the foot of the beautiful volcano massif formed by the volcanoes Plosky and Ostry Tolbachik.
By the road in a clear weather you will see the panorama to the volcanoes Krestovsky (4057 m), Ushkovsky (3903 m), Kluchevskaya Sopka (4750 m), Kamen (4579 m), Plosky Tolbachik (3082 m) and Ostry Tolbachik (3672 m). Night in tents.

Day 7: Observing the consequences of the 2013’s eruption (the young cone, the wide fresh lava flows, caves – “lavovody”, the stone sculptures and the heaps of hardened lava).

Day 8. Moving by car to the North breakthrough. Climbing to Tolbachik cones, which are volcanoes in miniature, their height of 100-200 meters. Moving to and visiting the cone “Zvezda” (15 km.). Overnight in tents

Day 9. Walk in the "dead wood", crushed slag and ash eruptions in 1975. Moving to the settlement Milkovo, which is situated on the shore of the River Kamchatka (230 km, 4 hours). Accommodation in hotel «Geolog».

Day 10. Excursion to the Ethnography Museum of the Kamchatka river’s aborigenes.
Lunch in café (you pay yourself), and moving (300 km) to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Accommodation in hotel (DBL), dinner, rest.

Day 11. Transfer to fish market at 9:00. Transfer to airport.

The sequence of the tour passage can be changed.

The cost in combined tour per person is 92000 rubles.
Extra payment for accommodation in a single room - 15000 rubles.

In individual groups , the start of the tour is arbitrary. Kamen and Klutchevskaya sopka
 Cost is for a group of:
16 people -  76,000 rubles  from one person,
14 -  80,000 rubles ,
12 -  88,000 rubles ,
10 -  95,000 rubles ,
8 -  101000 rubles ,
6 -  104000 rubles ,
4 -  132,000 rubles ,
2 -  150000 rubles .

The helicopter excursion to Geyser Valley and Uzon caldera is held under favorable weather conditions and paid separately.
In the tour season of 2018 the cost is 42000 rubles per person.

The cost includes:
1. 3 times a meal on the whole tour except lunch in cafe Milkovo.
2. Guide service on the whole tour.
3. Cook service on the whole tour.
4. necessary equipment (tents, dishes, rafts etc. except sleeping bag).
5. transport service.
6. DBL accommodation in the hotel, in the recreation center.
7. the Boat trip

The cost doesn’t include:
1. Lunches in Milkovo (250 – 300 runles).
2. Additional excursions (for example, excursion to the Valley of Geysers)

Recommended equipment:
  1) backpack or travelling bag
  2) sleeping bag
  3) hiking or trekking boots
  4) change of footwear (sneakers)
  5) personal care items
  6) swimming accessories
  7) anorak + lightweight down vest
  8) sweater
  9) raincoat
10) sunglasses
11) headgear
12) headlamp
13) gloves
14) telescopic stick
15) personal first aid kit
16) spray for mosquitoes

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