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Ski-tour over the volcanoes of Kamchatka

The Moroznaya Hill is one of the best mountain ski depots

downhill skiing on Kamchatka

This Moroznaya Hill is one of the best downhill skiing trip depots. The Olimpic Team of Russia has been trained here for 10 years. This sport is very popular among the residents of Kamchatka, who are surrounded with mountains of unforgettable beauty. The names of our sportsmen are well known all over the world: Vladimir Sinetov, Sergey Cahadaev, Igor Utkin, Varvara Zelenskaya.

The Moroznaya Hill offers 5 tracks 2050, 2000, 680, 520, 300 ms long. The slopes are of 10 or 30`.
downhill skiing trips

Downhill skiing

Besides the popular downhill skiing center - the Moroznaya Hill - there are two more depots at the territory of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - the "Krasnaya Sopka" base and the downhill ski school for children "Edelweis" by name. For more than 30-year long work this school has trained a lot of future sportsmen.The volcano downhill skiing, one of the extreme sports, became very popular. A helicopter, rented by travel company, can take you to any volcano. Avachinsky (from the point of 2200m), Vilyuchinsky (2173m), Zhupanovsky (2900m) and Kazelsky (2189m) volcanoes are used for downhill skiing. Just risk, you won't be dissapoin-ted!!!

Route № 52. Ski-tour over the volcanoes of Kamchatka.

Period of realization for downhill skiing is from December 1 till June 10.
The tour schedule can be changed on request of the participants.

1st day. Arrival at the airport. Transfer to the hotel (20km). Accommodation, rest. Strolls at the city.
2nd day. Driving to the Avachinsky pass (900m) by a motor vehicle and snowmobile (55km). 4-5 ascents to the spurs of the Avachinsky volcano by snowmobile. Downhill skiing the slopes of the volcano. Spending the night in the houses at the Avachinsky shelter.
3rd day. Ascent to Avachinsky volcano (2749 m). This volcano is in the centre of the Avacha group. A wonderful picturesque view to Koryaksky volcano, standing nearby, is opened from the top. Downhill skiing the steep slope of 20-40 angle degree.
4-5th day. Ascent to the spurs of Koryaksky volcano and downhill skiing the steep slopes of 20-40 angle degree. The length of the slopes for skiing is about 6 km.
6th day. Downhill skiing to the motor road (2-3 hours), the backpacks are brought by snowmobile. Transfer to the recreation department, accommodation, rest, bathing in the pools with hot thermal water.
7th day. Driving by "off-road" car to the foot of Kozelsky volcano (65 km). Ascent to Kozelsky volcano (2189 m). From the summit of the volcano you can observe the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Avacha bay. The ascent takes 6-7 hours. The average steepness of the slopes is 25-30 degrees. Downhill skiing is in the middle of the ascent. Returning to the recreation department, rest.
8th day. Driving to the Chirelchik mountain(1020m). Ascent takes about 3 hours. Downhill skiing rather steep slope, up to 45 degrees, changes into the skiing in a magnificent park birch forest. Returning to the recreation department, rest, bathing in the pool with hot thermal water.
9th day. Driving by "off-road" car and by snowmobile up to Vilyuchinsky volcano. Ascent to Vilyuchinsky volcano (2173 m) up to the ridge (7 hours). Downhill skiing the way of the ascent. For those who wish ascent to the summit there is another variant of descent on the south-western slope. Returning to the recreation department.
10-11th day. Reserve days in a case of bad weather. These day there will be an opportunity to go on the excursion along the city and to the museums, to visit the fish market and to try local food, to have a rest in local entertaining establishments.
12th day. Transfer to the airport.

For this trip you need request:

Each participant of the tour should have equipment for downhill skiing, subjects of personal hygiene, bathing accessories.

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