Vision of Kamchatka
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The Pacific ring

Operation period - from June 15 till September 15. Ocean Performed on request.

The tour is meant for tourists with average physical training: trekking approximately 6 hours a day with backpacks of 10-15 kg.
During the tour you’ll visit the unique places of Kamchatka: the crater of Mutnovsky active volcano; Gorely active volcano with its 11 craters of various forms and size; the picturesque Zhirovaya Bay on  the Pacific Ocean coast; the largest on Kamchatka Mutnovskaja geothermal power station, Dachnye hot springs. You’ll be able to enjoy watching wild nature of Kamchatka: brown bears, salmon running up the rivers and a lot of  birds.
1st day. Arrival at the airport. Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (20 km), accommodation at a hotel, rest.

2nd day. Driving to Mutnovsky volcano. Walking to the waterfall (90 m high), in Dangerous canyon. Camping for the night.
3rd day. Trekking to Mutnovsky volcano crater (2323 m) - 8 hours. The volcano displays active fumaroles, mud siphons, there is a mountain lake. The crater of Mutnovsky volcano is one of the most striking volcanic phenomena of Kamchatka. Steep rugged slopes, glittering glaciers, broken up with cracks, gas emissions and boiling fumaroles surround deep and wide cavity of the crater. In case trekking is difficult, it’s possible to return to the camp. Camping. Gorely volcano's crater

4th day. Ascending Gorely volcano (1829m) – 8 hours, trekking along the hardened lava flows, slag fields, seeing 8 craters with lakes in some of them. In case ascending is difficult it’s possible to return to the camp. Camping.

5th day.  Trekking to Dachnye hot springs (15 km). The route runs through Gorely volcano caldera via Pioneer mountain pass (1100 m). Ascending the pass takes about 1 hour. To the left there is a nice view to the obsidian (volcanic glass) Devil’s Finger rock. Close to the rock it is possible to collect obsidian  samples. Descending to Dachnye hot springs  through the snowfield, crossing the stream flowing from it.  Dachnye hot springs are very close to Mutnovsky geothermal power station. Seeing the site of the geothermal power station and the central part of Dachnye hot springs. The thermal site has the form of a small circus abounding with pulsing hot springs, steam jets, mud pots and other forms of thermal activity both on the slopes and the bottom. Returning to the camp.
In Mutnovsky Volcano 6th day. Trekking to  Voinovskye hot springs (12 km) downwards the road  to the Zhirovaya river, along the slopes of the ancient Zhirovskoy volcano, descending to Voinovsky hot springs at the Mutnaya river. Camping for the night.    
7th day. Trekking to Zhirovaya Bay on the Pacific Ocean coast  (12 km).  Zhirovaya Bay is surrounded with steep rocks forest-covered at the top. Other highlights: 3 km long sand beach,  waterfalls flowing down to the bay. Excursion to the fishing camp at the estuary of the Zhirovaya river. Fresh fish soup for dinner. Camping.

8th day. Day of rest. Excursion to the waterfalls - about 5 km. Sea-bathing. Camping.

9th day. Trekking to  Zhirovskie hot springs (15 km). Rest, bathing. The hot springs are located in a picturesque place of the Zhirovaya river valley and have the form of two main boiling outlets and a number of minor thermal hot springs with natural baths. Camping.
10 - 11th day. Trekking through Tenuev mountain pass (520 m) to  the Vilyucha river valley. From the pass there is magnificent view to the Zhirovaya river valley, Zhirovaya Bay, the neighboring mountains and Vilyuchinsky volcano. Excursion to Vilyuchinskie hot springs (12 km). Camping.
12th day. Rest at Vilyuchinskie hot springs located on the right bank of the Vilyucha river.  There is  a fine natural pool and  baths. The springs are cared for by the local alpine-skiing club. Bathing in the springs. Excursion to the abandoned gold mine. Camping.

13th day. Trekking to Vilyuchinsky mountain pass (6 km).Watching the waterfall on the Spokoiny stream (40 m high) on the way. Driving back to the boarding house by off-road vehicle. Accommodation, rest. Crossing a river

Tour price is calculated on request.
Every participant of the tour is requested to have:
  1) a rucksack (60 – 100 litre)
  2) a sleeping bag and a tourist mat,
  3) trekking boots or rubber boots,
  4) additional shoes to change,
  5) things for personal hygiene, bathing accessories,
  6) warm clothes (waterproof and windblock jacket),
  7) sunglasses,
  8) a hat,
  9) a torch,
10) gloves,
11) trekking poles,
12) the first-aid kit,
13) anti-mosquito spray.
Tourists themselves carry all the equipment and food.
If necessary it’s possible to use porters’ services and satellite phone for extra fee.

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