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Weekend tour to the volcano Tolbachik.

Tolbachik, lava flow
In this tour, the minimum time, in 2,5 days, you will be able to visit the volcano Tolbachic ... It's for those who are for the period of the weekend, wants to get the most impressions, and ready for adventure and a possible spur of the moment.
You will make the maximum possible comfort, night move to the area of the volcano Tolbachinsky, look for two days and visit the most interesting sites of the eruption of the volcano. Take an overnight stay in tents. Once again, the night back to Petropavlovsk.
It should be noted immediately that this hike should be seen not as an easy jaunt, but as a serious and physically rich test.

Performed on request.


19.00: Night transfer vahtovke on the road to the north, to the town of Kozirevsk (480 km.). Arriving in the village Kozirevsk on Saturday morning at 04:00 a.m..

Tolbachik. Nothern Crack cone. Saturday:
Breakfast. Transfer (70 km 4 hours) to the foot of the beautiful volcanic massif formed by volcanoes Ostry and Plosky Tolbachic. On the way breakfast on the river Studyonaya. Sightseeing and testingof sequences of eruption 2013, of fresh lava flows, as already stiffened, and still hot. Spending the night in tents at a safe distance, away from the active crater fissure.

The moving by car to the North breakthrough. Climbing the Tolbachinsky cone representing the volcanoes in miniature, their height of 100-200 meters. Walking to the "Dead wood", which was destroyed by slag and ash eruptions in 1975, and the caves of lava. At 16:00 beginning the returning to Petropavlovsk. Night transfer. Arrival in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, on Monday, at 7.00 in the morning.

Recommended equipment:
1) backpack or travel bag.
2) sleeping bag + camping mat (rent 200 rubles / day)
3) hiking boots, Туры на Камчатку: камчатский калейдоскоп
4) removable shoes (sneakers),
5) personal care items
(toothbrush, toilet paper, etc.).
6) jacket with hood,
7) sweater ...... fliska,
8) sunglasses,
9) headdress,
10) headlamp,
11) gloves
12) personal first aid kit,
13) spray for mosquitoes.

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