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Trekking to the Klyuchevskoy volcano group

The best period for the tour - from June 10 till August 31.
Klyuchevskoy, Kamen, Bezymyannyi Performed on request.

The tour is meant for tourists with average physical training: trekking approximately 6 hours a day with a backpack of 15-25 kg.

   During the trip you’ll visit one of the most interesting places on Kamchatka. The route lies on a plateau of about 1000m, in the area of the highest active volcanoes of Kamchatka, on high-mountainous Alpine meadows and moon-like volcanic fields.
   Moon- and Mars- research vehicles were tested here. You’ll have a chance to ascend  two volcanoes.

1st day. Arrival at the airport, transfer to the hotel (20 km). Accommodation, rest.

2nd day. Driving by off-road bus to the area of Kozyrevsk  village (450 km). In good weather there is a wonderful view from the camp to the highest volcanoes of Kamchatka: Krestovsky (4057 m), Ushkovsky (3903 m), Klyuchevskoy (4750m), Kamen (4579 m), Plosky Tolbachik (3082 m) and Ostry Tolbachik (3672 m). Camping for the night.

3rd day. Driving by off-road bus to the former seismic station Leningradskaya. Visiting the northern group of Tolbachik cones. Tolbachik cones are a peculiar group of volcanic formations looking like small-scale volcanoes 100-200 m. high.

Klyuchevskoy, Kamen 4th day. Short trekking to the Cones and the Dead Forest,  destroyed by scoria and ash eruption in 1975.

5th day. Ascending Plosky Tolbachik volcano (3082 m). Ascending is not difficult and takes 6-8 hours. In the crater there is a yellow lake with sulpher fumarols.

6th day. Trekking to the Tolud river. The area strikes you with its sparse vegetation after the Tolbachik volcano eruption 1975.

7th day. Trekking across the Tolud mountain pass (1291 m) up to the Tolbachinsky pass. There is a new superb view to Plosky and Ostry Tolbachik, Big Udina (2920 m) and Small Udina (1945 m), Ovalnaya Zimina (3080 m) from the Tolud pass.

8th day. Trekking via the Tolbachinsky pass (1503 m) up to the famous protected by UNESCO Polennitza Mountain  (Pile), composed of separate basalt pillars. Trekking across the alpine meadows and old lava flows. On the way  observing the New, Mars and Jupiter craters, appeared at the result of the volcanic activities in 1945.

9th day. Trekking across the pass (1500 m) up to the foot of Bezymyanny volcano.

10th day. Walks on slopes Bezymyanny volcano (2880 m).

11th day. A reserve day. Rest. Camping for the night.

12th day. Trekking across the alpine highland up to the canyon of the Studyonaya (Icy cold) river. There is a chance to see wild snow sheep at the canyon rocks.

13th day. Trekking to  Kopyto (Hoof) hill. Driving back to Kozyrevsk village by off-road bus.

14th day. Driving back to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city by bus (550 km). Accommodation in the hotel.

15th day.  Transfer to the airport.
Klyuchevskoy volcano group
Tour price is calculated on request.

Every participant of the tour is requested to have:
  1) a rucksack (70 – 100 liter)
  2) a sleeping bag and a tourist mat,
  3) trekking boots or rubber boots,
  4) extra shoes
  5) things for personal hygiene, bathing accessories,
  6) warm clothes (including waterproof and windblock jacket),
  7) sunglasses,
  8) a hat,
  9) a torcher,
10) gloves,
11) trekking poles,
12) first-aid kit,
13) anti-mosquito spray.

Tourists themselves carry all the equipment and food.

If necessary it’s possible to use porters’ services and satellite phone for an extra charge.

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