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Volcanoes the Giants

Туры на Камчатку
(The tour is to the highest active volcanoes in Eurasia)
The best time for the tour is from June, 01 till September, 15.

Dates of the tour to the Klyuchevskaya volcanoes group, a compound group, in 2013:
16.06 - 27.06, 04.08 - 15.08.

   On the date of arrival, 16.06.2013, a group will be accompanied the famous Kamchatka climber Alexander Bichenko as a leader and a guide - Chairman alpine Club "Kutkh", Candidate Master of Sports in mountaineering, the conqueror of the highest peaks of all continents, including Mount Everest twice. He is a very interesting person and captivating storyteller ...
The group, up to 16 guests.

   It si an active and informative tour of the area Klyuchevskaya volcano group.
During the route you will visit the Central Kamchatka, the location of the largest volcanoes in Eurasia. It is the one of the most interesting places for tourists in Kamchatka - Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes, which includes the highest and most famous volcano - Klyuchevskoy (4750 m). This area is the most intense manifestations of volcanism in Russia. 
   You can make sightseeing trips to the hills and slopes Klyuchevskoy, see a full panorama of the powerful chain of the highest active volcanoes (Kamen’, Klyuchevskoy, Bezymyany etc.) closely. You will make an ascent to the most southern of the volcanoes of this group - Plosky Tolbachik volcano (3085 m), as well as on the new volcanoes - cones of the Northern burst in 1975 (299 m and 278 m). You will walk through a "Dead Wood", destroyed by the eruption of the vast territory. And also on the tour, you can bathe in the hot springs and pools with thermal waters.

   It should be noted immediately that the expedition should be seen not as a pleasure trip, but as a challenge, a hiking tent living conditions.
If you care to visit the Valley of Geysers, or a boat trip, you should come for 1-2 days earlier, before the begining of the tour, or stay after.

Day 1: Meeting at the airport, transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (25 km). Accommodation at the hotel “Geyser” (DBL), rest, walks around the city. At 20.00 dinner and discussion programs with guide.

Day 2: in the village Kluchi (570 km.) Transfer to the natural hot springs "Malkinskie" (130 km), swimming and bathing. Moving to the village Milkovo (170 km), dinner. Moving to the village Kluchi. Accommodation in a private hotel in the station of volcanologists (in the room for 4 people).

Day 3: go to the volcano Klyuchevskaya (4750m.). Moving (40 km, 2-3 hours) to the foot of the Klyuchevskoi volcano to the base of volcanologists "Podkova" (height 900 m). Walk on lava flows and cinder fields of the eastern slope of the volcano. Camping. Overnight in tents.

Day 4: One-day radial hike (4-5 hours) to the north eastern spurs of the volcano Klyuchevskaya till the glacier of Herman, beautiful views of the nearby volcanoes.
Туры на Камчатку
Day 5: to volcanoes Kamen’ (4579 m), Krestovsky (4057 m.), Bezymyany (2870 m). Moving (190 km, 5-6hours), to the foot of the volcano Ushkovsky up the hill “Kopyto”. Camping. Overnight in tents.

Day 6: Walk through alpine highlands to the canyon of the river Studyonaya with depth of 450 meters to the clearing Edelweiss (7-8 hours). From this place the bottom panorama of the Klyuchevskaya volcano group opens.

Day 7: One-day radial walk for 2 - 3 hours to the side of the Ushkovsky volcano’s crater "Behemoth". From this place the top panorama of the Klyuchevskaya volcano group opens. In the Canyon

Day 8: Transfer by car to the area of the Klyuchevskaya volcano group (460 km), lunch in the village Milkovo. Moving to the foot of the beautiful volcanic massif formed by volcanoes Ostry and Plosky Tolbachik.

(Currently, the volcano is still under fissure eruption).
Note. Plan of the tour around the volcano Tolbachinsky is conditional and depends on the circumstances at the time of the volcanic event. It will be observing the eruption or its consequences from a safe distance.

On the road, on a clear day offers views of the highest volcanoes of Kamchatka: Krestovsky (4057m.), Ushkovsky (3903m.), Klyuchevskaya (4750 m), Stone (4579 m), Plosky Tolbachik (3082 m) and Ostry Tolbachik (3672 m).
Overnight in tents.

Day 9 : If the eruption ends, the ascent to the top of the volcano Plosky Tolbachik (3085 m) on the slag fields, fresh and old lava flows (7 - 8 hours). The ascent is not technical complexity, but it allows to survey the whole Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes. At the top of volcano there is a giant crater of the 1,8 km depth and of over 500 meters.
With continued eruptions, observing fresh lava flows, as has been frozen and is still hot.
Spending the night in tents at a safe distance, away from the active crater fissure.
Туры на Камчатку
Day 10: Travel by car to the North breakthrough. Climbing to Tolbachik cones, which are volcanoes in miniature, their height of 100-200 meters. Moving to the cone “Star”, visiting the lava caves. Walking in the "dead wood", crushed slag and ash eruptions in 1975. Return to camp. Overnight in tents.

Day 11: Transfer by car to Petropavlovsk (580 km, 8-9 hours), with a stop for lunch in Milkovo. Accommodation at the hotel (DBL), rest.

Day 12: Breakfast. Visit the fish market. Transfer to airport.

The succession of the tour events may be changed.

Cost of the tour in a compound group is 62000 rubles per person.
Additional payment for single accommodation at hotels is 4000 rubles, (except for the base station volcanologists in the Kluchi).

In individual groups the dates of beginning is arbitrary.
The cost is:
for a group of 16 people - 59000 rubles per person,
14 – 63000 rubles
12 – 67000 rubles,
10 – 73000 rubles,
8 –– 79000 rubles,
6 –– 82000 rubles,
4 –– 104000 rubles,
2 –– 140000 rubles.

The price includes:
1. Three meals a day for the tour.
2. Guide service for the whole tour.
3. Cook service for the whole tour.
4. Base equipment (tents, utensils, etc.)
5. Transport services (bus, car-road).
6. Accommodation in a hotel and in a recreation center.
7. Resolution and recreation fee Park "Klyuchevskoy".

The price does not include:
1. Purchase of alcoholic beverages, beer and cigarettes.
2. Additional tours.

Recommended equipment:
  1) backpack or travel bag, + small backpack.
  2) a sleeping bag, camping mat,
  3) trekking boots,
  4) removable shoes (sneakers, trainers)
  5) personal care items, hair accessories,
  6) hooded jacket
  7) sweater ...... fliska
  8) sunglasses,
  9) hat,
10) headlamp,
11) gloves,
12) telescopic stick
13) personal first aid kit,
14) spray for mosquitoes.

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