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Photo expedition «Positives of Kamchatka»

Photo expedition The tour is for the photographers and other creative people who appreciate the beauty of nature and moment and who want to enjoy an interesting company of like-minded persons.

For the short period you will visit the brightest and unforgettable nature sightseeing objects where you can make the best of you photos.

Herewith You needn’t bring a heavy backpack, cook and set a tent by yourself. Every evening You will return to your hotel room with all main facilities (TV, Internet, shower and toilets, restaurant etc.)

It is possible to organize photo-tours individually, composed by you.

Dates of combined group in 2015: 19.07 - 26.07, 09.08 - 16.08.

Day 1: Meeting in airport. Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Accommodation of the hotel 3* “Petropavlovsk”. Rest.
Trip to recreation center “Paratunka”, swimming in pools with thermal water. Then you will go to the shore of Avacha Bay for making photos the sunset panoramas of evening Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Day 2:On this day it is possible to hold the excursion to the Valley of Geysers and the caldera of volcano Uzon. Lunch in the Valley of Geysers.
In the evening return to the hotel.

Day 3:Trip to the saddle between the volcanoes Avachinsky and Koryaksky on the vehicle. Walking to the mountain “Camel” and through the volcano’s stockades. Photography alpine landscapes and colony of the Kamchatka gophers. In the evening return to the hotel.
Koryaksky volcano
Day 4:Trip to the viewpoints (the picturesque panoramas of the city) and to the fish market (racy representation of fish products).
After lunch trip to the black beach of the Pacific ocean. Photography and walking along the shore. Then trip to the hot springs “Zelenovskiye ozerki”. Swimming in the curative hydrogen sulfide thermal springs. In the evening return to the hotel.

Day 5:Trip through the Vilyuchinsky and Gorely volcanoes’ plato to the foot of the volcano Mutnovsky (110 km) on the vehicle. Excursion and photography the Dachnye hot springs (“Small Valley of Geysers” – 2,5 km). On the way it is possible to visit Verhne-Paratunskiye hot springs and sightseeing and photography the picturesque panoramas of the Vilyuchinsky waterfall. In the evening return to the hotel.

Day 6:Boat trip to the Avacha Bay and Pacific ocean to the island Starichkov. Photography the biggest nesting of sea birds (including the Steller's sea eagle), the islands “Babushkin kamen”, “Tri brata”. Maybe you will see dolphins, Steller sea lions and orcas. Sea fishing. Lunch of salmon.

Day 7:Trip to the wild Malka hot springs on the vehicle (120 km). Swimming and photography the wild nature. In the evening return to the hotel.

Day 8:Visit the fish market, souvenir shop. Transfer to airport.

The sequence of the tour passage can be changed.

The tour cost – 75000 rubles per person.
Extra payment for single room accommodation - 15000 rubles.

The tour cost for the individual groups:
group of 10 persons – 71000 rubles per person,
8 persons – 73000 rubles,
6 persons– 77000 rubles,
4 persons– 83000 rubles,
2 persons– 97000 rubles. Gorely volcano

The helicopter excursion to Geyser Valley is held under favorable weather conditions and paid separately.  
The cost of the helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers and the caldera of volcano “Uzon” is 42000 rubles(the cost of 2018).

1. Guide service for the whole tour.
2. Transport service (m-bus).
3. Accommodation at a hotel 3* “Petropavlovsk”, DBL, with a breakfast.
4. Meal at departures to volcanoes.
5. Bathing in pools.
6. Boat trip 5 - 6 hours with lunch in group of 20-30 people.
7. Visa support and registration.

Not included:
1. Lunches and dinners (200-300 roubles In cafe), (300-600 roubles In restaurant)
2. Additional excursions.

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