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Hiking trip on Kamchatka

Tour ケ16.Combined. Volcanoes and Hot Springs of Nalychevo Nature Park

The best time for the tour is from June 15 till September 15

The trip is meant for the tourists with average physical training (trekking about 6 hours a day with 10-15 kg backpack).

The hike takes place in the valley surrounded by mountain ridges and grand volcanoes. During the tour you'll ascend Dzenzur (2155 m) and Kupol (1674 m) volcanoes. You'll visit the biggest concentration of hot springs of Kamchatka in Nalychevo valley, you'll see natural narzans. Here you can see salmon spawnig in the rivers and brown bears catching fish. You'll see volcanoes and pristine nature of Kamchatka.

1st day.Arrival at the airport. Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Accommodation at the hotel. Checking of the tourist equipment. Kamchatka hiking trip
2nd day.Driving by off-road vehicle to the central part of Nalychevo valley (9-10 hours). On the way you'l see Avacha and Koryaksky volcanoes. Upon the arrival bathing in hot springs. Camping for the night.
3rd day. Rest-day. Bathing in hot springs, picking up berries, sightseeing. This day, depending on the tourists・wish and how the group feels, it's possible to ascend extinct Kupol Volcano (Cupola), or hike to mountain Lake Vershinskoye (Top), or to go on excursion to Zheltorechenskie (the Yellow river)hot springs.
4th day. Trekking to Talovskie thermal springs (12km). The pathway stretches along the Shaibnaya (Puck) river valley. After 8km of hiking, tourists come to Krayevedcheskie hot springs, at the foot of Talovaya hill. Then they hike to Talovskie hot springs, located on both banks of the Talovaya river. Close to the springs there is hot mineral mud in a small bog. Camping for the night. Bathing in hot springs.
5th day. Ascending Dzenzur active volcano (2155m) along the narrow picturesque cleft of the Zhelob (Gutter) stream, flowing from Dzenzur volcano caldera, trekking along the crest of the lava flow up to the fumarole site, which is at the caldera slope. If ascending is difficult it is possible to return to the camp.
6th day. Rest day. Excursion to the Solyony (Salty) stream, on both banks of which there are thermal water springs and hot mud.
7th day.Returning to Nalychevskie hot springs. Visiting Teplorechenskie hot springs (12km) on the way. Overnight stay in a lodge.
8th day.Trekking across Pinachevsky mountain pass (1160m - the area of alpine meadows)and hiking to the Pinachevo river valley (26km). From the pass there is a splendid view of Koryakski, Aag and Arik volcanoes. The pathway goes through the wonderful birch forest. Camping for the night.
9th day. Trekking down to the Pinachevo river valley. The pathway goes through the birch forest, crossing small ravines. Arriving in Pinachevo village. Driving to Paratunka resort area (55km). Accommodation in a boarding house, rest, bathing. Kamchatka hiking trip in Nalychevo
10th day. Visiting fish market. Shopping (souvenirs). Transfer to the airport.

The tour is also carried out on an individual application.


1. Full board for the whole tour.
2. Guide service for the whole tour.
3. Interpreter service for the whole tour.
4. Base camp equipment (tents, etc.).
5. Transport service (bus, truck, helicopter).
6. Accommodation at a hotel and in a boarding house.
7. Visa support and registration.

Not included:

1. Purchase of alcoholic drinks, beer, cigarettes.
2. Purchase of souvenirs.

It's possible to use satellite phone for extra fee.

Every participant of the tour is requested to have:
1) a rucksack (60 ・80 liter)
2) a sleeping bag and a tourist mat,
3) trekking boots or rubber boots,
4) additional shoes to change,
5) things for personal hygiene, bathing accessories,
6) warm clothes (waterproof and windblock jacket),
7) sunglasses
8) a hat
9) a torch,
10) gloves
11)trekking poles,
12) the first-aid kit,
13) anti-mosquito spray

Tourists themselves carry all the equipment and food

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