Vision of Kamchatka
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    In Kamchatka:
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Bears and Volcanoes.

The best time period for the tour is from 1 July until 30 September.

During the tour, you will visit unique Kamchatka corners: Kurilskoye lake, where you will watch running and spawning salmon and fishing brown bears. You will see a huge caldera and two lakes on the Ksudach volcano. You will also have an opportunity to enjoy swimming in the biggest Kamchatka hot springs, located under the foot of Khodutka volcano, visit active volcanoes Gorely and Mutnovsky. Flying in a helicopter over the area, you will observe from above the volcanoes and virgin Kamchatka nature.

You will make a cruise through Avacha Bay and Pacific Ocean feasting your eyes with nesting sea birds. You will get acquainted with the amazing Geyser Valley.
brown bear
1st day. Meeting at the airport, transfer to the city of Petropavlovsk (25 km). Accommodation at a hotel, rest, walking around the city. At 20.00 p.m. – dinner with a guide.
2nd day. (To bears on a visit) Helicopter flight to Ksudach volcano caldera (1.2 hours) passing volcanoes Vilyuchinsky (2,175 m), Mutnovsky (2,323 m), Gorely (1,829 m), Asacha (1,910 m), Khodutka (2,087 m). Excursion round the Ksudach volcano caldera (1.5 – 2 hours), to the hot springs of Klyuchevoye Lake. The excursion is followed by a transfer to Kurilskoye Lake. Accommodation in rooms for 5-6 persons in a wooden lodge. Watching bears from special viewing platforms.
3rd day. Rest, walking, watching salmon spawning and bears fishing or feeding in tundra.
4th day. Helicopter flight to Khodutka volcano (20 min.) and hot Khodutka Lake (150 – 200 m in diameter), giving start to a 30-meter-wide hot river. Swimming in the hot lake and the river. Helicopter flight back to the city. Accommodation in a resort centre in Paratunka resort area. Rest, swimming in a thermal water pool. brown bear
5th day. Excursion day. Driving to Avachinsky volcano by “off road” car (45km). Excursion walk to the mountain under the name “Camel” (4-5 hours) without ascent. OR if you want you may make an ascent to Avachinsky volcano (2749m), in this case You should go from Petropavlovsk at 6 a.m.. Walk to the young cone of volcano. From the edge of the volcano a stunning view could be seen: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, Elizovo, valley of Avacha river and Avacha Bay; Vilyuchinsky, Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes - to the south; the valley of the Nalychevo river, Zhupanovsky & Dzenzur volcanoes – to the north. The massive cone of Koryak volcano is seen to the west. Ascent takes about 6-8 hours If the climbing up is difficult for somebody, it’s possible to stop. Driving to Paratunka.
6th day. Free day. If you want you may make a helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers, flight around Karymsky (1486m) and Maly Semyachik (1560m) volcanoes, walk excursion at the Valley. This valley cannot be compared with any other unique objects in the world. There are more than 20 big geysers in the valley. Velican (Giant), Zhemchuzhny (Pearly), Sakharny (Sugary), Troinoi (Triple), Konus (Cone), Fontan (Fountain), Maly (Small), Bolshoy (Big), Shchel (Split) – here are some names. There are geysers that gush forth every 10-12 minutes, while others may erupt once in 4-5 hours. The wreathes of steam, fountains of boiling water, incredible colours of slopes, hot water streaming along them and profuse greenery of grasses and trees create an enchanting spectacle. Lunch is served at the Valley. For those who hasn't gone to the Valley of Geysers: city-tour: visiting the fish market. Shopping. Souvenirs. Afternoon tour to the Pacific coast. Walking along the sea shore.
7th day. Driving to Mutnovsky volcano by “off road” car (85km). Excursion walk of 2-3 km to Dachnue hot springs (a small Valley of Geysers). Possible is visiting VerhParatunskie of hot sources on mountain Hot. brown bear
8th day. Boat trip on Avacha Bay. Watching sea birds rookeries on Babushkin Kamen (Old Woman’s Stone) Island and Tri Brata (Three Brothers) Island. Short tour to the Pacific Ocean up to Starichkov Island. Watching the largest sea birds rookery (including Steller’s sea eagle). Tourists are very likely to see dolphins, sea lions, killer whales.
9th day. Driving to Malkinskie hot springs (120 km). Swimming, returning to the hotel.
10th day.Visiting fish market, buying Kamchatka souvenirs. Transfer to the airport.

Sequence of the tour days can be changed.


1. Hotel accommodation and on the basis of rest, DBL, with breakfasts.
2. Services of the guide, on all extent of round.
3. Transport services (the bus, a motor vehicle, a boat, the helicopter).
4. A food on an active part of round (2, 3, 4, 5, 7 days).
5. Sea excursion 5 – 6 hours, with a dinner onboard, as a part of group 20 – 30 people.

Not included:

1. alcoholic beverages, beer, cigarettes.
2. souvenirs.

Recommended outfit:
1) a backpack or travel bag,
2) a sleeping bag, a travel mat,
3) travel or gumboots,
4) additional footwear (training boots),
5) hygienic items, swimming accessories,
6) a jacket with a hood,
7) a pullover……vest,
8) sunglasses,
9) a cap,
10) a torch,
11) gloves
12) telescopic trekking poles
13) a personal first-aid set
14) a mosquito repelling spray

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