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Fishing in Kamchatka

–ыбалка на  амчатке. We have opportunities to organize sports fishing of all kinds of fish, inhabiting reservoirs of Kamchatka. We carry out the activity on the rivers of a world class and try to provide the best opportunities for catching and rest for our clients. Fishing in a combination with primeval beauty of a wild nature of Kamchatka and its volcanoes and thermal sources will bring real pleasure to fishers-fans of any level. You can see for yourself and get unforgettable impressions here.

A lot of grayling, char, rainbow trout can be caught in the rivers of Kamchatka all year round. "Mikizha" is the local name for rainbow trout - the desirable trophy for each fisherman. And salmon come to spawn in rivers in different time. The advantages and disadvantages of different types of salmon can be argued for a long time, but the king salmon and silver salmon occupy a special place in the fisherman's wishlist.

Our fishing tours can be divided into raftings with fishing and from fishing base.
In rafting variant you'll get to the river(by car or helicopter) and go down the river by rafts, enjoy fishing for some days(depends on the tour), untill you get last point where you'll be picked up.
In fishing base variant you'll get(by car or helicopter or boat or few of them) to the base(tent camp or wood houses) set up near the river. Every day you'll go by motorboat to the different places on the river for fishing.

In 2018 we offer the following fishing tours:

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