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Fishing with accommodation at a comfortable stationary fishing base "River Opala", with movement by motor boats

Base on the Opala river

From the middle of June till the first half of July is held fishing on chum salmon, rainbow trout and chinook salmon (rare but large specimens).
From July to the end of August chum and sockeye.
From August to mid-October on coho salmon.
Always in a catch rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout.

Dates available on request.

The group from 2 to 12 people.

The Opala River is located in the south-western part of Kamchatka. It is formed by the junction of two rivers: the Srednya Opala and Savan. This is one of the most interesting places for fishing salmon, trout (rainbow trout), and coho salmon. The river is rich with fish and animal, famous for the massive salmon entering and virtually guarantee a successful fishing. Boating on the river does not require the use of expensive helicopter transport.
Accommodation in a large wooden guest houses, in a warm room for 4 people. The base is located on the bank of the river, just in 30 minutes by boat from the mouth of the river. There is a chic Russian bath, dining room - saloon, satellite TV, electricity. It is organized 3 hot meals a day.
Fishing may move from the river by motor boats (2 fishermen), and from the shore. The convenient location allows you to start fishing directly from base.

1 day. Meeting at the airport. Equipment check. Transfer to the mouth of the Opala to fishing base by car (290 km) and by motor boats (25-30 min). Accommodation in rooms for 4 people. "Acquaintance" with the river, start fishing.

Look what i've got 2-3-4 days. Fishing through the ducts and the main channel of the river, with the movement of motorized boats. Lunch on the river, or the return to base (optional). Evenings at the table in the mess.

5 day. End of fishing, transfer by car to the city.
Accommodation in a resort area "Paratunka" (if desired can be accommodated in a hotel, in the city). Rest, swimming in a pool with thermal water. There is a cafe-restaurant, swimming pool, sauna on the base.

6 day. Free rest day. That day may be held on:
- sea fishing on a boat, in Avacha bay, with access to the Pacific Ocean.
- Excursion to the Valley of Geysers.
- Or any other day trip.

7 day. Visit the fish market. Delivery to airport.

It is possible adjustment tour to your wishes

The cost of the tour, for one person, is - 154 000 rubles.
Additional payment for single accommodation is 7000 rubles.

The price includes:
1. Three meals a day on the "river" of the tour.
2. Guides service.
3. Cook service.
4. Accommodation on a fishing base.
5. Transportation (car, motor boat for 2 persons).
6. Accommodation in a recreation center or hotel, (DBL), with breakfast.
7. Fees for fishing licenses.
Base on the Opala river. Room.
The price does not include:
1. Dining (dinner at 6, 7 days)
2. Alcoholic beverages.
3. Additional tours.

Recommended equipment:
  1) tackle for fishing,
  2) a bag or backpack for personal items
  3) waders
  5) for the base removable shoes (sneakers or boots)
  6) personal care items, hair accessories,
  7) waterproof jacket with hood,
  8) sweater ...... fliska,
  9) sunglasses, preferably polarized
14)personal first aid kit,
15)spray for mosquitoes.

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