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Kamchatka Travel

Kamchatka... This wonderful land was discovered by Russian Cossacks over 3 hundred years ago. Even today, however, Russians know very little about it, to say nothing about tne rest of the world where most people have hardly heard of Kamchatka. And not surprisingly.
In the old times the way to Kamchatka took more than a year and very few devotees dared to make the way to the world's edge with the only purpose to tell others about it.
One of the first Kamchatka's explorers was Stepan Krasheninnikov who wrote the unique "The Description of the Land of Kamchatka".
kamchatka This century the airplanes have made Kamchatka closer to Europe and America though not more available. The mysterious peninsula get into the list of those regions that used to be called "closed" in the USSR. Up to 1990 not a single foreigner could step onto the Kamchatka land and even Russians needed a special permission to get there.  
    However, those who desired to see the fairy world of Kamchatka with their own eyes broke through all the obstacles. Expeditions with geologists and volcano explorers, autonomous routes - Kamchatka seemed to be re-discovered: black beaches of the ocean line, smoking volcanoes, blue mountain ranges painted with white enamel of snowy peaks. The bears' paths led to the heart of wonderland:
    Kamchatka rarely looks like its photographs. This is not due to the fact that a snap is not more than a snap. Like any other Wonderland, Kamchatka is always changing: it is different every new moment. The more you visit it the more mysterious it gets, the more you speak about it, the more it is difficult to find words to describe it.
Kamchatka allures you forever. People come there for a year or two, or three to stay till their old age. Why so? There is no simple explanation. There are probably spots in the world where time flows differently: a month lived in Kamchatka is sometimes egual to a whole life period that one would desire to recall!
From now on Kamchatka is open to everyone: a tourist, a scientist or a businessman. Everyone has an opportunity to experience the magic power of its charm. And let the people visiting Kamchatka find what they seek - if only their hearts would be free of greed and their minds of bad will. Then this wonderful world where vivacious rivers and mortal volcanoes, perpetual snows and hot springs, taiga and tundra, a wild animal and a human being in peaceful co-existence, may be conservated safely.

Why is it profitable and convenient to buy namely our product?

18 years, we are officially working in the tourism market, with full state licensing. Personal experience in the tourism of our employees is from 10 to 35 years. We just academics (and professors: J) in this area! We operate all the year round and we have a "real" not "virtual, existing only in the network" office. You can come to us and see our work "alive".

- Most of our long-time partners (the list on the right) are large and successful companies. And it is obvious to anyone that the serious companies and travel agencies will not cooperate with untested, "weak" travel companies. And the staff of these companies personally visited our tours where they saw everything "inside." (refer to them ..)

- We use the best modern tourist equipment in tours, which is constantly updated. And at crossings we use the high-quality, comfortable, specially equipped vehicles with comfortable seating. When you have to go from 3 to 10 hours on our "roads", it becomes very important.

- You can buy any tour at a fixed price at our partners, or from home written off from us at us by e-mail or by phone. In this case, you do not need to worry about the set and the size of the group, we guarantee conducting all the our statements tours with any number of participants.

- Meals on the tours. We are justly proud of our cooks many of which, in the winter, works as a chef in restaurants. Most warm words of appreciation from our customers, we hear exactly to the chefs and organization of nutrition.

- Seeing our guests from Kamchatka, we always hear kind feedbacks of our staff’s high quality, coherence and professionalism, of a clear well thought-out organization of the entire process. Besides, we hear pleasant reviews about competently staff recruitment, not only about professional, but also personal qualities that, believe me, is a huge challenge for most travel agencies.

- To book tour is very simple:

1. Choose a tour and date.

2. Buy tickets to Kamchatka and back.

3. Choose the form of payment (bank transfer beforehand or cash on arrival).

4. Tell us all these data by e-mail. The tour is booked guaranteed! We will meet you at the airport holding a sign "Vision of Kamchatka".

- Our guests receive a bonus bearer certificate and souvenirs at the end of the tour.

Now, for most people, it is especially important the quality, safety and reliability of the purchased product. And for every reasonable person it is clear that a good product is not made from the bad and "cheap" components. So ... it can be a long talk about the cost. But should I? The only request: comparing prices compare similar products.

And our top tip: If you want to have a good rest, to see and to visit the maximum number of tourist facilities, purchase ready-tour (even if not with us, but with our friends - competitors). Do not assume that, as in "Egypt", "Turkey" ..... you come and find everything in place. In Kamchatka, it is not so. In tourist season all the best resources are already employed in the planned routes, and you will be wasting valuable time searching for the organizers of the tour, tickets, moving, search for hotels, and other details. Yes, you can save 15-20% of the money, but just see in the 2 - 3 times less. And you've been dreaming of, preparing for, and so have paid dearly for the 8-hour flight for us to Kamchatka!

Sincerely, The Travel Company "Vision of Kamchatka"!

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