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Tourist's feedbacks

Jan from the Czech Republic
Dear Vision of Kamchatka team, I have really enjoyed the Classic Kamchatka tour (12-24 July 2017). We were a mixed group of foreigners, mostly non-Russian speaking. Although we were a bit unlucky with the weather and some parts of the program did not take place as a result (e.g. the helicopter flight to Geyser Valley was cancelled), we still got to see some amazing scenery while hiking, rafting and on the road. The entire crew (4 persons) was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. The food cooked by Irina was superb and included great variety of fish and local specialties. I have admired Vladimir’s driving skills in very difficult terrain. As we were a small group (10 people plus crew) we had enough space inside the Ural while traveling. Sergey (guide) and Viktoria (interpreter) looked after our group’s comfort and safety and we have had many laughs along the way. Sergey is a great guide, a problem solver and has a lot of passion for what he does. He’s got a wealth of knowledge about local wildlife and experience to share. I would only encourage him to communicate more actively with the whole group, not just with Russian speakers – it would be a pitty for anyone to miss out on his interesting stories. Overall, highly recommended tour and company.
Thank you for the unforgettable 2 weeks. I’m sure I will be back soon.
Jacqueline, Roland, Sibylle and Frank from Germany
Dear team of Vision of Kamchatka!
You are special, because your kindness and cordiality deeply touched, likewise the splendid pure nature of your beautiful country. We are very thankful for the great happiness we were given during our entire trip. And you are an essential part of this happiness. We were on the tour "Classic Kamchatka - North" in June - July 2017.
The travel was perfectly organized with the right portion of adventure and quite a lot of love. We felt completely comfortable and wandered astonished from one highlight to the other.
Thank you, dear Egor and Roman, our strong, enthusiastic guides. You have done everything perfectly on the spot so that everything works. You have made the right mix of personal freedom, information and shared experience. We felt well cared for with you. And with incredible patience you have always dealt with our individual desires, made everything possible. It is beautiful how respectfully you deal with nature. We did not miss out you collected rubbish of other people on the hike.
Thank you, dear Volodia, master of your Ural! Securely you have driven through the impassable taiga and have repeatedly traveled back to some extra difficult tracks for Roland to film. You have greeted us joyfully waving from the roof of your Ural to the river, and your laughter, your cordiality, and the affectionate love for your home remain in our memory.
Dear Natasha, you are sunshine and a sorceress. Every day in the wilderness we indulged in unbelievable dainties, which can not be found in any hotel, because they had two exquisite ingredients: love and nature. We dined like the kings. When Natasha comes, the sun rises. It was wonderful how you and Volodia were singing for us “Katjusha”.
Dear Tatyana, from the first mail contact to the end of our trip, you have looked after us perfectly and reliably, you and Olga and the team of Vision of Kamchatka. You were always friendly and reachable despite our thousand wishes and inquiries and helped us a lot. Such a commitment is something special, only someone who is with the heart in the matter can do it.
Thanks to Maria and Andre for the wonderful day trips we had with you after the tour.
Dear Vision of Kamchatka Team, it 's a great job you do. It is also good for your beautiful country. For in this way you call out mindful tourists to Kamchatka who want to experience the beauty of nature without exploiting it. Thank you. We will be back.
Jacqueline, Roland, Sibylle and Frank from Germany.
Marta Kvakzinska (Polska)
Chto ya mogu skazat' o Kamchatke? V to zhe vremya ya byl na Zemle i Lune, ad i ray, more i gory, khodili po zemle i plavali v vode, dyshat' svezhim vozdukhom s toksichnymi gazami i parami, uvideli, chto voda vo vsekh sostoyaniyakh veshchestva v odnom meste ... i vse zhe oni buryye medvedi «pod rukoy». Chudesnaya zemlya.
V dannyy moment ya khotel by poblagodarit' sotrudnik «Vision of Kamchatka» i osobenno Sergey tri (voditel', strakhuyushchiye, grebtsa), Ol i Stiepanowi (povara) za vremya, provedennym vmeste. Vy professionaly v svoyey oblasti!
Privet Marta Kvakzinska.
Axel + family and friends from Germany
Dear Vision of Kamchatka Team!
Many many thanks for an unforgettable adventure trip. All of us enjoyed the 14 days in Kamchatka very much. Special thanks to Tatyana who has organized everything perfectly in the background, to Kirill and Anatoli, our great tour guides, who did not just lead us through the wilderness, but also surprised us with poetry, to Ludmila, our kitchen-fairy who was able to cook better meals in the field than some of the hotel kitchens in town and also to Sever, our brave watch dog who kept the bears out of our camp grounds. (What can happen without Sever our neighbors could see after they lost half of their food supplies in one night... :-0)
We all will remember forever the two weeks in wild Kamchatka with its volcanoes, wild rivers and bears - and who knows: maybe we will make use of our valid for 72 years gift certificate at some point of time and come back... Many thanks again!
Axel with family and friends from Germany
Cho, Han
Hi, I'm Cho.
Now I've arrived in Khabarovsk for staying one night before going back to Korea.
The whole time I spent in Kamchatka was really unforgettable experience for me. I loved everything in Kamchatka and the service you offered. Sometimes it was not easy for me and my 7-year-old son to go through all the programs provided since we were not fully equipped - I'm afraid it must have bothered your staff at times, so I'd like to really appreciate for all your staff's sacrifice, professional attitude and dedication.
Thanks epecially for kirill and sasha, and the great cook lady. The food was fantastic so I could fully enjoy myself. I hope to have a chance to visit Kamchatka again and your people someday if possible.
Best regards, Cho.
Prof. Dr. Orhan KURAL
Dear Mr. Korotaev,
At first I would like to thank you for your nice organisation. I believe you are a serious businessman will be sucessful with your policy. I shall recommend you all Turkish travel companies. Anastasia was also very informative. I shall send you my articles about Kamhcatka.
With my best regards,
Prof. Dr. Orhan KURAL
Head of Mining Engineering Department at the Istanbul Technical University The President of Turkish Travellers' Club of Turkey Honorary Consul of Republic of Benin The President of Ecology Club of ITU The President of Foundation of Combating with Smoking
Svaja, Mattias, Pavlina
Dear Irina, Boris, Juri, Natasha, Irina and Volodia!
Thanks again for the great trip, it was a wonderful experience! We learned a lot of interesting “INFORMATION” about volcanoes and the region! The road was great! We would have loved to practice our Russian a bit more – then we could talk within this in English! We hope to see you again – in Germany!
Katarina and Michal from Slovakia
Dear Kamchatka Vision,
Thank you very much for interesting tour. We enjoyed our time in Kamchatka. What we especially liked was the attitude of all the guides esp. Kirill, Ivan, Sasha and all the other staff members esp. Luda. They were all very helpful and friendly. We liked the organization of the tour, how everything worked on time and all problems were solved promptly and professionally. For the future to make your tours even better we would suggest to find better hotel in Paratunka, because food, staff and mostly room were really bad. And also we would appreciate more exact information in the tour description in the internet. For example it says the Mutnovsky ascent takes 8 hours but it was only about 3 hours in reality, we expected more hiking there and less “URAL” transport. Also when tourists have free days be ready to suggest activities to do in the area (like surfing, kayaking). However, we really enjoyed our time here, we wish you all the luck and KEEP UP WITH THE GREAT WORK!
Ciao Tatyana!
I thank you, your boss and the company for your support, of course Ivan (gogo) and Katia too.
We had a very nice experience in such amazing place...who knows maybe 1 day we will have the chances to get back.

Here the link of my bed and breakfast
the web site will be ready soon.

Also I attached you the link of the picture I have taken during my journey I hope you like them.

Ciao, Andrea.
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