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Operation period - from December till May.

This stunning tour is for those who are self-confident and enjoy downhill-skiing and snowboarding.

Reaching the summits of the volcanoes by helicopter, you can run down their unique snow-covered steep slopes. You’ll spend unforgettable time alone with grand and impressive gigantic volcanoes. Our skillful guides will help you to choose the most interesting slopes fitting your  training level.

The schedule may be changed at the request of participants.

1st day. Arrival at the airport. Transfer to the hotel (20kms), accommodation (double rooms), rest. Checking and preparing sport equipment.

2rd day. Helicopter  flight to Avachinsky and Kozelsky volcanoes (20 min). Avachinsky volcano is in the center of the Avachinsky group of volcanoes. There is a magnificent view of the top of nearby Koryak volcano from the height of the helicopter flight. Extraordinary volcanic relief amazes your imagination. From the top of Kozelsky volcano there is a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean coast and Avacha Bay. About 4 - 5 descents down the volcano slopes. Returning in the city, to the hotel, rest.

Heli-Ski 3th day. Helicopter flight to Kupol and Dzenzur volcanoes (40 min), about 4-5 descents. Flight to the Nalychevo River valley (15 min). Rest, bathing in hot springs. Returning in the city, to the hotel, rest.

4th day. Flight to Aag, Arik, Koryaksky volcanoes (15 min). About 4-5 descents down the volcano slopes. Returning to the city, rest.

5th day. Flight to Vilyuchinsky, Mutnovsky, Gorely volcanos (25 min). About 4-5 descents. Bathing in  Vilyuchinsky hot springs. Returning in the city, to the hotel, rest.

6-7th day. Reserve days in case of bad weather. On these days there is an opportunity to make a city tour and  visit the museum, the fish market, to taste local food, to have a rest in local entertaining establishments.

8th day. Transfer to the airport.

The tour cost:
      212000 rubles per person in a group of 8 PAX
      174000 rubles per person in a group of 10 PAX
      149000 rubles per person in a group of 12 PAX
      131000 rubles per person in a group of 14 PAX

1. Accommodation at a hotel (DBL),
2. Service of the downhill-skiing guides.
3. Transport service (bus, automobile).
4. Breakfast in a hotel, lunch on the helicopter program.
5. Visa support and registration.
6. 8 hours of helicopter flight time (calculated only during the flight)

Not included:
helicopter in snow 1.    Alcoholic drinks, beer, cigarettes.
2.    Supper and dinner in the city.

Each participant of the tour is requested to have ski tours outfit, things of personal hygiene, bathing accessories.

Additional information on the volcanoes

Avacha volcano
It is a beautiful active volcano of complicated form (2749 m high) with the perfect upper cone. Downhill riding - about 7 km, slopes 20 -40 degree steep.

Koryak volcano
It is a volcano (3456m high) of perfect edged cone form. There are several big glaciers stretching   from the grand circus at the top almost to the foot. Downhill riding from the summit part - about 8 km. The slopes are 45 degree steep.

Dzenzur volcano (2155m)
It is destroyed volcanic massive with the crater in the form of glacier kar.  Downhill riding -  about 5 km. The slopes are 25-35 degree steep.

Zhupanovsky volcano
The volcano has a form of a mountain range covered with snow and glaciers. It consists of 4 cones – the Western, the Active, the Old crater and the Eastern. The highest peak is 2958 m. Downhill riding - about 10 km. The slopes are 25-35 degree steep.

Vilyuchinsky volcano
The extinct volcano of a regular cone form - 2175 m high. Its top is cut off to the west and  covered with glacier. Downhill riding - about 6 km. The  slopes range from 20 to 45o.

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