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Fising on the Opala river

Operation period - from June till October. Date of the tour assigned by the client.

Delivery to start fishing is carried out: from August car "Ural" (7-8 hours), or by helicopter.

Return from the tour is by road from the mouth of the river (7-8 hours), or by helicopter.

Rafting is carried out 16-foot rafts, accompanied a motoraft.

Fish to catch: rainbow trout, char, grayling, king salmon, silver salmon, red salmon, dog salmon, pink salmon.

Price: from 93000 rubles.
We can organize similar fishing on other Rivers of Kamchatka.

The Opala river flows in the mountainous south-west part of Kamchatka and runs into the Sea of Okhotsk. The river is remote from villages and roads. Fishing is arranged both from the river bank and floating rafts. The length of thefishingarea from 60 to 140 km. It is practically impossible to have no catch on this river, as it abounds in various kinds of salmon and trout.

Accommodation during the tour in two-layer tents for 1-2 people. We wish to note the high level of mobile tented camps in our company (dining room-saloon, camping furniture, mobile sauna, generator, etc.).

Day 1. Meeting at the airport. A trip to the store. Breakfast in the cafe. Transfer by car "Ural", through the plateau Gorely volcano to the River Opala, Verhneopalinskie Hot Springs (8-9 hours). Overnight in tents.

Day 2. Start fishing. Bathing in the Verhneopalinskie hot springs. Preparing rafts, by staff. After lunch, rafting to its confluence with River Right Opala (1.5 hours). On the way fishing. Overnight in tents.

Day 3. Day's rest. Rest and fishing, with walks on the beach on foot.

Days 4-5-6-7: Rafting and fishing. Observing wildlife, including brown bear, and superb scenery. Rafting takes place in the area of majestic mountains and volcanoes in virgin countryside. There are many good places for fishing. The river abounds with salmon of various kinds, char and trout. Camping for the nights.

Day 8. Ending of rafting and fishing. Departure from the mouth of the river by car, with the ferry ride across the river Bolshaya (7-8 hours on the road, 270 km). driving to Paratunka resort area. Accommodation in a boarding house, rest, swimming in thermal water pools.

Day 9. Visiting fish market. Purchasing souvenirs. Transfer to the airport.

The price is:
for 10 people - 93000 rubles per person (3 rafts + 1 motoraft.)
for 8 – 99000 rubles, (2 rafts + 1 motoraft.)
for 6 – 117000 rubles, (2 rafts + 1 motoraft.)
for 4 – 142000 rubles, (1 raft + 1 motoraft.)
for 2 – 178000 rubles, (1 raft.)

Additional payment for single accommodation, and, if desired, in a tent 3500 rubles.

When using helicopter transport, additional cost, estimated, 2 hours flight time for one way, for beginning of the tour. Combinations are possible. And also, it is possible the same programs in other rivers of Kamchatka. Discussed in the correspondence.

  1. Included:
  2. Three meals a day on the "river" of the tour.
  3. Guide service (for the whole tour).
  4. Cook service.
  5. Base-camp equipment (tents for 1-2 people., rafts / one for 2-3 fisherman / motoraft, mobile sauna, power, etc.)
  6. Transportation (car, minibus).
  7. Accommodation (DBL) in a recreation, with breakfast.
  8. Charge for fishing licenses.
  9. Pay for the ferry ride.
  10. Visa support and registration.
  1. Not included:
  2. Alcoholic drinks, cigarettes.
  3. Souvenirs.
  4. Meal in the cafe or restaurant in town or at a recreation center.
  5. Sea fishing or other excursion to 9th day.
  1. Recommended equipment:
  2. tackle for fishing
  3. a bag or backpack for personal items
  4. sleeping bag
  5. waders (pants Brodnya) or waders
  6. removable shoes for camp (sneakers or boots)
  7. personal care items, hair accessories
  8. waterproof jacket with hood
  9. sweater
  10. sunglasses, preferably polarized
  11. cap
  12. flashlight