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Bears and other 7 wonders of Kamchatka

The best time for tour from July, 05th till August, 20th. A bead with children Season 2014, group from Israel. It is possible to see conditions of watching bears and accommodation on the lake (from 18 minute of clip).

Dates of carrying out of round, in modular groups, in 2019:
						05.07 - 14.07,
						19.07 - 28.07,
						25.07 - 03.08,
						29.07 - 07.08.
						31.07 - 09.08.

The tour will be guaranteed organized in all announced dates.
It is possible to join only for a part of the tour with individually program.

This tour is for those, who wants to get a maximum of the impressions for minimum period. For those, who is used to the comfort and not ready to spending the night in tent.    In a short time you will become acquainted with the most bright and interesting tourist facilities of Kamchatka. Thus you will spend the night in the comfort terms of hotel and recreational and tourist base on the lake of "Dvukhyurtochnoye".

- Do you dream to look after bears not in the conditions of zoological gardens, and in reality of their habitation??? - You are here!!!
- Is it interesting to you close to walk up to the river, filled by fish going to spawning??? - You are here!!!
- Is it interesting to you to sit ashore the small river and look at the bear fishing??? - You are here!!!
- Do you like assuredly fish on spinning and taste the dishes of the salmon caught??? - You are here!!!
- Do you want to live in the comfortable two-seater numbers of hotels and tourist base? - You are here!
- Do you protect your health, and do you want to know the healing properties of the hot springs? - You are here!
And besides all this, you will meet with geysers, volcanoes of Kamchatka and the aborigines in the center of the Evens area and Bystrinsky national park – settlement Esso.

Dvuhyurtochnoe lake, surrounded on all sides by rugged mountains, is one of the major spawning waters of the peninsula. Here 120 - 150,000 sockeye salmon comes to spawn each year.
On the shores of the lake and the tributaries, about 500 brown bears go fishing and feeding before hibernation. Here in the real life of the beast, you can observe how the same bear fishing.

Except for bears Steller's sea eagles, otters, foxes and mink, which also overlook the lake and streams to feed the fish can be observed.
This is a great place for productive fishing for char, rainbow trout, salmon.

The recreational and tourist base on the lake of "Dvukhyurtochnoye" consists of six residential wooden houses with rooms on 2 - 4 persons, and a large kitchen - dining room. Toilets are outside. There is a lovely swimming pool with the thermal water, which is available at any time of day. The base is located at the foot side of the valley, on the huge thermal areas saturated with griffins and hot springs of varying strength.

Two bears fishing Day 1: Meeting at the airport, transfer to Petropavlovsk (25 km). Accommodation at a hotel 3*, (DBL), rest. Trip to Paratunka, swimming in pool with thermal water.

Day 2: Optional. On this day it is possible to go on a helicopter excursion to Geyser Valley and Uzon Caldera, Walking excursion round Geyser Valley. Lunch is at Geyser Valley.
Or, Boat trip around Avacha Bay. Watching sea bird colonies of Babushkin Kamen Island, Three Brothers Rocks. Going out into the Pacific Ocean to Starichkov Island. Watching the sea birds colony (incl. the white-shouldered eagle) which is the biggest in Kamchatka. Sea fishing. Salmon lunch.
In the evening moving to the settlement Milkovo (280 km). Accommodation in hotel «Geolog».

Day 3: Early in the morning, transfer to Kozyrevsk village (195 km, 3 hours).
Helicopter flight to Dvukhyurtochnoye Lake (40 minutes). During the flight, the weather permitting, you can see Alney and Chashakondzha volcanoes. Accommodation at the recreational and tourist base on the lake of "Dvukhyurtochnoye", in wooden houses, in rooms for 2 - 4 people. Bathing in the healing waters of the hot springs. Lunch in the wardroom. Rest. Walk (800 meters) to the shore of a mountain river "Dvuhyurtochnoye." Observing bears catching fish spawning.

Day 4: Bear watching and rune course salmon. Salmon fishing on the lake. Boating on the lake. Bathing in the healing hot springs. Enjoy fresh-caught fish, and more.

Day 5: Bear watching. After lunch helicopter trip to Kozyrevsk village. During the trip you can enjoy the volcanic ridges and Alney Chashakondzha. See lava flows. Moving to Esso (88 km). Hotel «Paramushir». Accommodation, room for 1-2 people. Rest, swimming in a pool with thermal water. Visit the Aboriginal camps, excursions.

Day 6: Sightseeing in Esso. Visit the complex of the local history museum and crafts shops and souvenirs. Acquaintance with the culture of the indigenous people of Kamchatka. Rest, swimming, (optional horseback riding). Overnight at hotel.

Day 7: Transfer by car (530 km) to Petropavlovsk with a stop for swimming in radon hot springs "Goryachy Kluch", with a stop for lunch in Milkovo. Hotel accommodation.

Bear in the river Day 8: Driving to Avachinsky volcano by “off road” car (45km). Excursion walk to the mountain under the name “Camel” (4-5 hours) without ascent. In the evening returning to the hotel.

Day 9: Optional. On this day it is possible to go on a helicopter excursion to Geyser Valley and Uzon Caldera.
- Or boat trip “Wheals, orcas and sea lions of Russkaya bay”.
- Or boat trip around Avacha Bay and Pacific ocean(5-6h).
- Or any other one-day excursion.

Day 10: Transfer at 9:00 to fish market. Transfer to the airport.

The succession of the tour events may change.

Cost of the tour in a compound group is 164 000 rubles per 1 person.
In individual groups start date is arbitrary. The cost is:
for a group of 18 people - 129 000 rubles per person c,
16 - 136000 rubles
14 - 149000 rubles
12 - 158000 rubles
10 - 176000 rubles
8 - 188000 rubles
6 - 225000 rubles

Extra payment for accommodation in a single room (except for the base on the lake) - 19000 rubles.

The helicopter excursion to Geyser Valley and Uzon caldera is held under favorable weather conditions and paid separately.
In the tour season of 2018 the cost is 42000 rubles per person.

Boat trip to Russkaya bay - 10500 rubles per person.
Boat trip around Avacha Bay and Pacific ocean – 5500 rubles per person.

The price includes:
1. hotel accommodation at hotel "Petropavlovsk", "Geolog" and "Paramushir", DBL, with breakfast.
2. Guide service for the whole tour.
3. accommodation at the base of "Lake Dvuhyurtochnoe», with 3 meals a day.
4. transportation during the tour (bus, car, helicopter).
5. Excursions to the camp Aboriginal visit local history museum complex and crafts workshops.
6. Entrance tickets to the pools with thermal water.

The price does not include:
1. Lunches and dinners in hotels in the city and on the moving (150-300 rubles in the cafe), (300-600 rubles in restaurant)
2. Optional excursions, to the Valley of Geysers, or boat trip.

Recommended equipment:
  1) backpack or travelling bag
  2) hiking or trekking boots
  3) change of footwear (sneakers)
  4) personal care items
  5) swimming accessories
  6) anorak + lightweight down vest
  7) sweater
  8) raincoat
  9) sunglasses,
10) headgear
11) headlamp
12) gloves
13) telescopic stick
14) personal first aid kit,
15) spray for mosquitoes

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