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Fishing on the Bystraya river

Period of realization – May - October.

The Bystraya river is located in the central part of  Kamchatka peninsula and flows to its western coast. This river is one of the most accessible and interesting for fishing and rafting. The route of about 100 km runs through virgin nature areas. On the river there are a lot of good fishing spots with deep and wide waters where fish going spawning has a rest. Fishing will be arranged both from the river bank and from floating rafts.

1st day. Arrival at the airport. Driving to Malki village to the upper reaches of the Bystraya River (145km). Starting rafting and fishing. Camping for the night.

2-3-4-5-6th day. Fishing and rafting. The river runs through majestic mountains of the Sredinny mountain ridge forming rapids, though quite secure even for beginners. Super wildlife and scenery. Camping for the nights.
The fish big as a leg
7th day. The end of rafting and fishing. Driving back to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (160km). Accommodation at a hotel (DBL), rest. Strolls along the city.

8th day. Visiting the fish market. Transfer to the airport.

Tour cost:
group 10 and more - 54000 rubles per person
8 persons - 62000 rubles,
6 persons - 69000 rubles,
4 persons - 79000 rubles,
2 persons - 92000 rubles,

1. Full board for the "fishing" part of the tour.
2. Guide service for the whole tour.
3. Base-camp equipment (tents, rafts etc.).
4. Transportation (bus, automobile).
5. Accommodation at a hotel.
6. Visa support.
7. Charge for fishing licenses.

Not included:
1. Purchase of alcoholic drinks.
2. Lunches and dinners at a hotel. (200-250 rubles in a cafe), (300-500 rubles in a restaurant)
Rafting dog
Recommended equipment:
1) tackle for fishing
2) a bag or backpack for personal items
3) sleeping bag
4) waders (pants Brodnya) or waders
5) removable shoes for camp (sneakers or boots)
6) personal care items, hair accessories
7) waterproof jacket with hood
8) sweater
9) sunglasses, preferably polarized
10) cap
11) flashlight

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