In Kamchatka:
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The Land of Bears and Volcanoes

Guaranteed date for 2021:

13.07 - 22.07, (set suspended)

23.07 - 01.08, (set suspended)

02.08 - 11.08. (set suspended)

Sights: Dvukhyurtochnoye Lake with bears and fishing, hot springs, volcanoes: Alney, Chashakondzha, Ostry and Plosky Tolbachik with lava fields, panorama of the Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes and opportunity to go to Valley of Geysers and boat trip.

Price: 192000 rubles.
The tour will be guaranteed organized in all announced dates and for fixed price.
It is possible to join only for a part of the tour with individually program.

Day 1. Meeting at the airport, transfer to Petropavlovsk (25 km). Accommodation at a hotel 3*, (DBL), rest.
Trip to herbalist and shamanic traditions, beekeeper, Malakhov Valery. Tea ceremonies from Kamchatka. Tasting of various teas from Kamchatka plants, medicinal infusions, Kamchatka honey and traditional folk dishes and salmon. Returning to the hotel.

Day 2. Optional. On this day it is possible to go on a helicopter excursion to Geyser Valley and Uzon Caldera, Walking excursion round Geyser Valley. Lunch is at Geyser Valley. Or, Boat trip around Avacha Bay. Watching sea bird colonies of Babushkin Kamen Island, Three Brothers Rocks. Going out into the Pacific Ocean to Starichkov Island. Watching the sea birds colony (incl. the white-shouldered eagle) which is the biggest in Kamchatka. Sea fishing. Salmon lunch.
In the evening moving to the settlement Milkovo (280 km).
Dinner in the village Sokochi (in café you pay yourself).
Accommodation in hotel «Geolog» (the room has a toilet and washbasin, shower in a separate room on the floor).

Day 3. Early in the morning, transfer to Kozyrevsk village (195 km, 3 hours). Helicopter flight to Dvukhyurtochnoye Lake (40 minutes). During the flight, the weather permitting, you can see Alney and Chashakondzha volcanoes.
Accommodation at the recreational and tourist base on the lake of "Dvukhyurtochnoye", in wooden houses, in rooms for 2 - 4 people. Bathing in the healing waters of the hot springs. Lunch in the wardroom. Rest. Walk (900 meters) to the shore of a mountain river "Dvuhyurtochnoye." Observing bears catching fish spawning.

Day 4. Bear watching and rune course salmon. Salmon fishing on the lake. Boating on the lake. Bathing in the healing hot springs. Enjoy fresh-caught fish, and more.

Day 5. Bear watching. After lunch helicopter trip to Kozyrevsk village. Moving to the foot of the beautiful volcanic massif formed by volcanoes Ostry and Plosky Tolbachik (90 km, 4 hours). On the road, on a clear day offers views of the highest volcanoes of Kamchatka: Krestovsky (4057m.), Ushkovsky (3903m.), Klyuchevskaya (4750 m), Stone (4579 m), Plosky Tolbachik (3082 m) and Ostry Tolbachik (3672 m). Overnight in tents.

Day 6. Observing the sequences of eruption 2013 (“young” cone, fresh lava flows, caves – “lavovody”, the stone sculptures and the heaps of hardened lava) Spending the night in tents.

Day 7. Moving by car to the North breakthrough. Climbing to Tolbachik cones, which are volcanoes in miniature, their height of 100-200 meters. Moving to the South breakthrough (15 km.). Visit the Southern cone break, a walk in the "dead wood", crushed slag and ash eruptions in 1975.
In the evening moving to the settlement Kozyrevsk, which is situated on the shore of the River Kamchatka (90 km, 3 hours). Accommodation in the private tourist shelter, in the wooden houses on the special equipped place. Classic Russian bath.

Day 8. Returning to Petropanlovsk-Kamchatsky. Early vehicle transfer (480km, 6-8hr) to the hotel.
Stop and lunch in the settlement Milkovo (in café you pay yourself).
Accommodation, rest.

Day 9. Optional. On this day it is possible to go on a helicopter excursion to Geyser Valley and Uzon Caldera. (or Bears of Kuril lake).
Or, Boat trip around Avacha Bay, or any other one-day excursion.

Day 10. Transfer at 9:00 to fish market. Transfer to the airport.

The succession of the tour events may change.

Cost of the tour in a compound group is 192000 rubles per person.
Additional payment for single accommodation at hotels in the city and in the resort area is 16000 rubles (except accommodation on the lake).

The helicopter excursion to Valley of Geysers and Uzon caldera is held under favorable weather conditions and paid separately. In the tour season of 2023 the cost(declared by helicopter company) is 56000 rubles.

Boat trip to Starichkov island - 6500 rubles per person.

Boat trip to Russkaya bay - 13000 rubles per person.

  1. Included:
  2. 3 meals a day during the active part)
  3. Guide service during the whole tour
  4. Cook service
  5. Basic equipment (tents, kitchen utensils, etc.)
  6. Transportation service (bus, all-terrain vehicle)
  7. Accommodation at a 3*hotel and at a hotel in the resort area, DBL, with breakfasts
  8. Bathing in pools
  9. Salmon fishing
  1. Not included:
  2. Lunches and dinners in the hotel in the city and while moving (Milkovo, Sokochi, etc.) (250-350 rbl in the cafe).
  3. Supplementary excursions.
  4. Alcoholic drinks.
  1. Recommended equipment:
  2. backpack or travelling bag,
  3. sleeping bag and sleeping mat,
  4. hiking or trekking boots,
  5. change of footwear (sneakers),
  6. personal care items,
  7. swimming accessories,
  8. anorak + lightweight down vest,
  9. sweater,
  10. raincoat,
  11. sunglasses,
  12. headgear,
  13. headlamp,
  14. gloves,
  15. telescopic stick,
  16. personal first aid kit,
  17. spray for mosquitoes